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Are you subscribed to my newsletter? Would you like to be? Click here to sign up! I’m forty years old, newly separated from my spouse of twenty years, and my mom is getting ready to move in with me. Somewhere out in the metaverse, my teenage self is going: “Damn, Nishta, what are you thinking?”  […]

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I’m writing to you from the kitchen counter of a quiet house that isn’t mine. It’s a beautiful house, with gorgeous natural light, and the dog is sunning himself on the back patio. The only sound other than my typing is the steady static coming from the baby monitor next to me: my new boss […]

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It’s a weird time of year, and it’s a weird time in my life. That’s just what there is. Weird is not synonymous with bad; I don’t mind liminal spaces. I have some experience with them: death, illness, adoption, chronic pain all come to mind. But this one (cohabitating through the end of a marriage) […]

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I turn 40 in ten days. I’m excited about it, ready. I’ve kind of always wanted to be 40. This is a symptom, I think, of being told very early in life that I was an “old soul” and also “mature for my age.” I both hated and loved hearing those things and I’m still not […]

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