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I’m headed to New Orleans today and I already know that it’s going to feed me. Have you ever had an experience where you’ve planned something for yourself, or maybe someone you love, or both, and then God – the universe – fate – whatever you prefer to call that force – lines everything up […]

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Are you subscribed to my newsletter? Would you like to be? Click here to sign up! I’m forty years old, newly separated from my spouse of twenty years, and my mom is getting ready to move in with me. Somewhere out in the metaverse, my teenage self is going: “Damn, Nishta, what are you thinking?”  […]

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I know that the over-hyped, over-commercialized version of Valentine’s Day is gross and weird, with its over-emphasis on romantic or sexual love as the only kind that matters, or the kind that matters the most, or the kind by which we ought to measure our worth or value. And even if we are blessed with […]

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I’m writing to you from the kitchen counter of a quiet house that isn’t mine. It’s a beautiful house, with gorgeous natural light, and the dog is sunning himself on the back patio. The only sound other than my typing is the steady static coming from the baby monitor next to me: my new boss […]

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Getting holiday cards in the mail this year was a tricky experience; it’s not that they didn’t bring me joy (they did), but I’d be lying if I said that the images of smiling families and the dispatches from regular old life didn’t sting.  It’s complicated, the way we share our lives, image-saturated both literally […]

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