MONDAY MIX – 3/12/18

Spring has sprung in Houston!   I know friends in other places are bracing for snow, but down here the pollen is coating everything in sight, rendering cars yellow and noses runny.  Still, the glorious showy azalea blooms and budding trees make it seem worth it…not to mention the gorgeously cool days we’re basking in.  As seen above, we celebrated Holi, the Hindu festival of colors, a few weeks ago on our friends’s farm.   I loved Holi as a kid, and so did Shiv; the raucous joy of throwing colored powder at friends and family translates across place and time!  It felt good to celebrate life and aliveness with loved ones.

-I’ve got a few things to share this Monday, and I’ll start with this fascinating piece in The Washington Post by a professor of social psychology at Yale, John Bargh.  He writes about research that links the presence of fear for one’s physical safety to conservative political attitudes, and how researchers have attempted to manipulate those attitudes by reducing fear.

-Though my personal experiences do not mirror the authors, I felt so much resonance with this Slate piece by Alison Spodek Keimowitz.  Keimowitz is both a cancer patient and a professor of environmental chemistry (with a specialty in pollution) at Vassar College; she writes beautifully about how her experience with cancer allowed her to relate differently to the realities of climate change:

“Many students come to my classroom already knowing about carbon dioxide, sea level rise, and mass extinction. What they don’t know, because none of us really do, is how to move forward, how to breathe, and how to live with the knowledge of our own personal and planetary mortality. But perhaps I can offer them tools to endure with some grace.”

-Last but not least, this New York Times recipe is a winner: Garlicky Chicken with Lemon-Anchovy Sauce.  ANCHOVY HATERS GO HATE ELSEWHERE.  My only tweaks were to wait to add the capers before putting the chicken in the oven, and to bump up the lemon juice.  Served this with risotto for maximum sauce-soaking-up purposes and Shiv told me, “Mama, you make the bestest chicken.”  Who can argue with that?


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