A few years ago, I attended a conference presentation during which audience members were asked to construct a metaphor to represent our experiences as students.  No one had ever asked me to do this, so I was intrigued, but pretty stumped.  Then I remembered my old boom box, with its radio and dual cassette deck–I always kept a blank tape handy, ready to press “record” whenever something caught my ear.  I realized that I did the same in the classroom, gathering bits and pieces from various sources, often without an idea of how–or even if!–those pieces would fit together. That was the joy of making and sharing mix tapes; when crafted thoughtfully, they were greater than the sum of their parts.  

In that same spirit, I share a weekly “mix” of articles, recipes, book recommendations, and ideas in the hopes that something I share might fit into your own personal, ever-evolving collage. 

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-My friend Aisha interviewed Kiese Laymon for the LA Review of Books and I have such intellectual crushes on both of them that I could barely read the thing without, like, vibrating up out of my chair.  I’m just so delighted that this conversation happened, let alone that we get to read parts of it.  Can’t even choose a place to quote from because the whole thing is so good and has given me so much, personally, on which to chew.


-This piece hit close to home, quite literally: How a Pearland Mom Changed Her Life to Save Her Transgender Child.  The title is super click-bait-y, but the piece is written with nuance, a testament to what love can look like if we let it and how humbling parenting can be:

“A year ago, if you’d said to me, You know, you’re going to consider someone who identifies as a queer transgender man one of your best friends, I would’ve been like, No,” she said, smiling.”


-A whole rash of pieces–including this one from Vanity Fair–have appeared in the last few days, in response to former Facebook executives expressing “regret” over the work that went into designing the site, given its impacts on society as a whole.  I spend a lot of time thinking about social media and its impacts, both as it applies to me personally and also as it shows up with my students.  Stopping short of making any sweeping conclusions (and I fully acknowledge the irony of the fact that I’ll be sharing this blog post on Facebook) but I’m fascinated, and convicted by, the conversation.


-Last but not least, and on a lighter note, if you’re looking for a holiday beverage, my friend Valerie recently made this pear and rosemary sangria and it was SUPER delicious.  I’m not usually a white wine sangria gal, but this one won me over–it’s not too sweet and very festive.  Valerie says she used a Pinot Grigio for her version, though the recipe says Sauvignon Blanc would also work.  I think it’s definitely a recipe you could fiddle with to your liking!

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